About Mira

About Mira


Hello everyone and welcome to my Miracle Workouts website!

I believe that one website can change people’s lives … is that crazy?

I’m so excited to tell you about my passion of working out and my journey how it leads here!

Who am I?

I´m 29 year old sports instructor (with graduate degree) and personal trainer from Finland.

Trying new hobbies and working out has been a huge part of my life since I was a little girl. I have tried almost every sport I know and I just love to be active.

I start with kids gymnastics when I was just four years old. In the time following I changed my main hobby to indoor cycling gymnastics and I competed couple of times in European Championships. Later on I needed something different and as an age of ten I started playing volleyball. I quit it when I got accepted to school of University of Applied Sciences and just wanted to focus on learning in school. In my adulthood I have been active with my dog Yoda and working out in a gym.

I had my whole childhood full of hobbies with my little sister. I know my parents didn´t have that time, money and knowledge to do exercises at the same time when we did. Now I want to give back and help others to find different ways to do exercises at home.

Founder of Miracle Workouts
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Why I want to help YOU?

I am working as a full-time personal trainer and I have been in that road for five and half years.

I’m also certified Nutrition Coach and Wellness Coach.

I have had a lot of customers who are having difficulties with losing weight and also gaining more muscle. So I know from the experience how hard is to start working out and make real results.

I really want to help you with that!

Bring it on!

I know a lot of people who are struggling with their self-esteem in this very second. Eating healthy, sleeping well and working out are the ways to make it much better. If YOU have something you want to change or do differently in your life, then DO IT. We only live here once and this is your time to make it really happen. Loving yourself is the greatest thing you can do to yourself!

My dream is to make this world healthier and happier place to live! <3

If you have any questions about working out, starting new way in your life or anything, feel free to ask them below and I will be more than happy to help you out! 🙂



Founder of Miracle Workouts

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