How to Break the Sugar Addiction

How to Break the Sugar Addiction

I’m here to share the facts about world’s oldest sweetener – the sugar. The real question is how to break the sugar addiction? Is it possible to stay away with this legal drug? Yes, but don’t underestimate the power of sugar!

What is sugar?

Sugar has been in our nutrition for thousands of years. They are carbohydrates, commonly known as carbs, which provides energy for your body.

Glucose is the most common sugar in your body. It is required for brain, muscles and major organs to function properly. For example, the brain needs around 130g of glucose per day. Some sugars are found in foods by naturally and others are used while cooking and progressing.

Your body can’t make a difference between different kind of sugars. It breaks them down in precisely the same way. For example, the sucrose in a pear is broken down same way as the sucrose in your chocolate bar.

Here is the most common sugars:

  • Glucose and fructose – These are found in honey, fruits and vegetables.
  • Sucrose – This is made up from glucose and fructose. Most commonly known as a “table-sugar”. It can be found also in the most fruits and vegetables.
  • Lactose – This is often called as a “milk-sugar”. This kind of sugar is found in milk and other dairy products.
  • Maltose – The “malt-sugar” is normally found malted beer and drinks.

Why shouldn’t you eat sugar

There is a lot of discussion around the world why you shouldn’t eat sugar. Here I will tell a few of those good reasons:

  • Every time you eat sugar, it raises your body’s insulin levels. Insulin monitors your body’s sugar and fat balance. Constantly elevated insulin hormone increases storing up the fat in your body, especially in the waist region, as love handles and fat areas in your back.
  • Insulin resistanseEating a lot of sugar will make your insulin become less effective. Your body might become able to withstand insulin which is called insulin resistance. Symptoms of insulin resistance includes persistent exhaustion, high blood pressure, candy lust, night sweats and even infertility.
  • Increasing insulin level also activates the body’s chronic inflammatory condition that can expose to many diseases. The sugar is one of the worst causes of cancer. It can also disturb the activity of good intestinal bacteria and can therefore cause some problems with your stomach.
  • Eating lots of sugar is linked to numerous health conditions, including obesity and metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, chronic inflammation, high blood pressure and cholesterol, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, dental plaque and cavities.
  • Sugar is full of empty calories, pure energy without any nutrients. So if you fill your stomach with sugar, there might not be enough room to healthier food. That is why sugar is making us gain more weight.

Replacing sugary treats with healthier ones can help a person get all of their essential minerals and vitamins. It might also help a person to lose some weight.

How to break free

The most important thing, at least for me, is not to buy any sugary treats to home. I can not have something sweet in my house, it won’t last even for a week, probably not even the whole day. Having nothing tempting in the house is easier for you Strawberriesto avoid them and you are probably not going to give that much energy to go get it from the store.

Another good rule which I’m following is that you CAN’T go to the store if you are hungry. Otherwise, you will buy something unhealthy and regret it later on. So always eat something before going to grocery shopping

Easement for your sweet-addiction, buy something low glycemic and healthy alternatives. They will help to your sweet tooth and won’t trigger you. For me the best choices are fruits, protein bars and protein ice cream, yummy!

Many of us are eating sugary foods for an easy comfort. They can reward you from after a long day or helping you get pass the hard times. Where ever the comfort is needed for, it is hard to break the habit for easy rely on. Try to find another things which make you comfort and can feel like a reward. It has to be something that can easily replace the sugary treats. Here is few examples: book a massage time for yourself, take a long bath, have a delicious meal or meet your friends.

In social situation is hard to get pass from sugary treats. Having lunch before the party and maybe having your own non-sugary treat in your pocket can be the savior to evade those temptations!

This might surprise you…

You have probably heard that sugar isn’t the healthiest one for you. Nonetheless, you are still having graving towards this unhealthy sweet.

The maximum added sugar intake should be:

  • For women: 100 calories per day (6 teaspoons or 25 grams)
  • For men: 150 calories per day (9 teaspoons or 37.5 grams)

You might be surprised to hear this, but these following values will show you the amount of sugar per 100g serving:

  • TwixTwix bar : 5.68 teaspoons of sugar, 57 g
  • Milky Way bar : 7.02 teaspoons of sugar, 58 g
  • Snickers bar : 5.83 teaspoons of sugar, 57 g
  • Red Bull : 5.35 teaspoons of sugar, one can
  • Coca-Cola : 7.25 teaspoons of sugar, one can, 330 ml
  • Strawberries: 0.99 teaspoons of sugar
  • Mangos: 2.77 teaspoons of sugar
  • Grapes: 3.14 teaspoons of sugar

Take a good look at you diet. Are you eating too much of sugar? Keep in mind that fruits are part of a healthy and well-balanced diet and you shouldn’t get rid off them.

Be strong

You should know that this process isn’t easy. Sugar addiction is hard thing to overcome.

And remember, if you fail and break up your promise not to eat any sugary treats, you should know that this is very normal. Don’t feel beaten up. Just pick yourself up and start again!

For your added sugar-free life,


Founder of Miracle Workouts




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10 thoughts on “How to Break the Sugar Addiction

  1. Hi Mira,

    Thank you for this informative article. I am a sugar addict myself and I’ve come to realize it’s like poison to me. I also am addicted to the “bad” carbs- bread, pasta, etc. which I heard basically turn into sugar in the body.

    I also realized that I do not seem to able to moderate my sugar intake, so I’m going to try to eliminate it entirely, except for naturally occurring sugar (fruit). Thank you for the reminder and the helpful tips! Happy Holidays!

    1. Thank you so much for your comment! I’m also trying to keep myself away from added sugar 🙂

      Happy New Year! I hope these tips will help you 🙂

  2. Hi, Mira, excellent article regarding sugar, which I can tell you from experience (I’ve been a personal trainer for years and have an Exercise Science Degree, which touches into nutrition) that sugar is one of the biggest causes of obesity in my clients.

    One common denominator I see all the time is the fact people indulge in sugar after eating very little throughout the day and their body is still craving calories.


    Here comes the sugar rush.

    And the neverending fat gain around the midsection. Not only is their metabolism shot to begin with, trying to fill their remainder of calories with sugar-filled foods isn’t helping matters.

    Now I’m not going to lie, I had my fair share of sugar today with it being Christmas but throughout the year, it’s never an issue, especially in the summer.

    I like your recommendations too, especially where you say keep sugar out of the house. I do this on a routine basis and forget sugar exists. I do eat Clif Bars, however, which have about 6 tablespoons of sugar in them, but only after a hard workout.

    Thanks for the excellent article.

    1. Hey Todd!

      You are so right about this! It is sad how powerful and harmful sugar is to us. You just have to work for getting past the sugar addiction and then keep it away 🙂 Thank you for your awesome comment and happy New Year!

    1. Hey Chyke!

      Sugar addiction is hard to win. Relapsing can start the whole addiction all over again, you just need to be strong enough to start sugar-free life again. Good luck and happy holidays 🙂

  3. Hi, I love this. I quit sugar nearly 2 years ago, and have found that since I quit, I haven’t had any cravings. I consider myself lucky for this. I have found however that on the very very rare occasion where I do have something sweet, I find it hard to stop if it is in the house. I’ve found that I don’t even enjoy having the chocolatey treats anymore. I’ve also found it increases my anxiety, which has settled down since I quit sugar, so there’s no going back for me. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hi Mira. Many thanks for the tips to ease away from sugar addiction.
    I am surprised at the amount of sugar in many of the fruits I like and have in the past cut some of them out of my diet to try and cut down on the total quantity of sugar that I consume in a day. Therefore I like it when you say that we should not get rid of them as they are a part of a healthy balanced diet.
    Many thanks for sharing this information.

    1. Hey Andrew and thank you so much! 🙂

      It is important that you don’t try to cut them all off, just try to keep the right balance with sugar intake. Happy holidays and all the best for coming New Year! 🙂

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