How to Stick With the Goals – Healthier Life

How to Stick With the Goals – Healthier Life

Did you have an awesome year and did you accomplished those things you wanted to do? What were your absolute the best moments and what were the worst ones? The real question is – How to stick with the goals whole year? If it didn’t work how to make that happen year ahead? This year is almost over and it is good time to start think a new year’s promises to yourself.

It is common to have some promises and make it work for a while. How do you change the pattern and make it work on the next whole year and even after that?

I’m going to break this down and help you keep promises what you wish for!

Why do we make promises?

This tradition started all the way back in 153 B.C. Name of January actually comes from Janes, a mythical god of a pre-Christian Rome. Janes was little different because this god had two faces.

On 31th of December, the Romans believed Janus is looking back in the past year and also forward to new year. The Romans also believed Janus could forgive their bad behavior so they made promises to change and gave gifts to hoping that Janus would see that and would bless them in the coming new year.

And this how the New Year’s resolution was born!

Nowadays we don’t focus Janus to be happy anymore but we target our own feelings and goals to improve to the next year. Just hoping for the better improvement doesn’t lead too far. You have to make something different to make them work.

What do we promise?

Happy new year with giftNew Year’s resolution is promise which you make for the new year. It can be anything you want to improve in the coming year.

Resolutions are coming in a lot of different shapes. You might want to have more exercise in your life or quit smoking. Other people might make promises to eat healthier or do better choices in their life. Some just wants to be happier in their every-day life or save some more money to make their financial economy better than it has been.

One of the most common resolution is getting in better shape. It can include having better well-being with your life, with your eating habits or losing some extra weight.

What ever you promise to yourself it has to be something what you can be proud of.

Common mistakes

We want things to happen NOW, right? According to U. S News, about 80% of people fail to keep their New Year’s promises longer than six weeks. It might take some time to have results you are looking for. These are few things why you don’t success in your resolutions:

  • Pinky swear with friend Going on by yourself – You can success much likely with a friend! How fun is to do exercises together with a great support or save more money on a future holiday?
  • Reaching to the skies – It is important to have big dreams but don’t wish they are going to happen too fast. Many people fail because they can’t see results immediately. Break your goal into smaller pieces so you can success them one by one.
  • Forbidding – If you say to the kid the word “NO”, he or she wants it even more, isn’t that right? Making promise to get losing weight for example “I’ll never eat my favorite treat EVER again” – it probably won’t last that long. Making resolution which you have to avoid to things that you love will turn out badly. If you make promises that are absolute forbidden, you probably can’t keep them.
  • No plan – You have to work for it, nothing comes to you if you don’t make any effort. Then you have the ways to get the results you really want to have. Write those things down what you want to change and make really good plan to make it work. Planning makes life so much easier.
  • Not believing that you can do it – If you want something, you have to believe it! How is it going to happen if even you don’t believe it? It is easy to just promise something but you need to have yourself standing after your own promise to make it work.

Having a realistic, planned and motivational promise it really can’t fail with a little help from your friends company.

Focus the goal

What ever your choice to keep promise to yourself, you need to make a plan to it. How you are going to stick to it?

Nowadays it is easy to have some help. In the past we didn’t have for example applications to the phone where we can track our workouts, burned calories, cigarettes you haven’t smoked, saved money or so many other things.beautiful notebook

I plan my whole coming week ahead on Sunday. I write every appointments down, my work schedule and when I’m going to workout and what I am going to do in that specific workout. Then I don’t have to worry about the time or having problems to make it happen, they are already planned in my calendar! I have done this several years now and it is really made my life easier.

Buy yourself a notebook to boost your motivation. You can write there about your days in a diary way or having some list where you can have motivational words or phrases. I’m writing almost everything down what I want to remember. My gratitude list, my to-do list, my goals and what to do to make them really be real some day.

Make it happen

There isn’t better timing to start your promises than today!

Make things happenRemember that the greatest investment that you can do is investment in yourself! This isn’t about what you are going to do, it is what you are going to become. By following your dreams with a great plan you are going to make a breakout to become that person you really want to be.

Remember: You never lose. You either win or learn.




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4 thoughts on “How to Stick With the Goals – Healthier Life

  1. Planning everything is really important in life not just for New years resolution only but in all aspects of our everyday life. When it comes to resolutions most are just not practical or realistic as some people just do not have strong will power .As you mentioned it is better to start in smaller realistic goals then work your way up . Thanks for the article Mira

    1. You are right! It isn’t just about New Year but it might be one of the easiest time to make that promise and have that needed change. Thank you for your comment 🙂

  2. This is such great advice as we get ready to start the new year. I’m guilty of not believing I can do something and then just not doing it at all. Here’s to change and personal development in the new year 🙂

    1. You can do it if you really want to! I recommend you to put your goal into a smaller pieces then it doesn’t feel that unreachable 🙂 Good luck with your resolution and have a great New Year 🙂

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