Signs of Bad Coaching – Shame On You

Signs of Bad Coaching – Shame On You

I’m so overwhelmed by this situation in our world! People who doesn’t have any understanding from humans health or not to mention about coaching are training others towards healthier and well-being life.

Where are peoples moral? Or primarily, where are these “coaches” moral?

Next I will tell you the signs of bad coaching. Here we go.

Bad coaches with no education

This topic has been up for a while in social media. I have heard lots of stories when someone has trusted to these so called coaches and ruined their well-being with wrong kind of information. I will open my mouth now and tell you the truth about this topic.

We need to take action about leading people with false information. That is the role for us real coaches, because we know things after learning from our education! We don’t need to assume things or check them from Google. I think it is our responsibility to tell you what is right and what is false information.

There are so many online coaches who doesn’t have any knowledge or not to mention any kind of education. I think is alarming when nobody isn’t interposing to this. I think it is sick to mess with peoples health and making money because of it.

I bet many of them has real desire to help people, but without knowledge and expertise can lead to damaging outcomes.

OK, I know it might be easy to just buy cheap program and try for it. It might cost you much more with messing up with your metabolism and hormonal function or even get injuries on movements which aren’t good for you. Great coaching costs more because their education hasn’t come for free either.


Great shape doesn’t mean great coach

Online coaching has become huge business. They are selling programs with famous face – and it works. All of them doesn’t have any experience or understanding how humans body really works. Celebrity doesn’t automatically mean that he or she is great coach. Knowing how to do workouts or being in fabulous shape doesn’t mean that he or she is a great coach. Or even knowing how to make healthy food doesn’t mean he or she is a great coach.

Sad thing about this; there are SO MANY awesome online coaching programs done by real professionals. They are working because they have real desire to help others, having huge passion and love to this industry and not focusing to easy earnings.

OK, now I want to focus to share few of my thoughts about what you should know before you buy online coaching.

The alarming things!

  • Words like super, fast, effectively, fast, cure and powerful should be ringing a bell. When there are talks about humans health or well-being, you shouldn’t see these words. There are no magic way to happiness or losing weight. When you are doing things fast there will be shortcuts and it won’t lead to you towards healthier life.
  • Awesome before and after pics within only couple of weeks are great example that there is something really wrong about this coaching. I want you to understand that these kinds of difference are made from dropping down your bodily fluid. Humans body has about 60-70% of water, so weight will drop easily. I bet you would rather get rid of from fat which doesn’t come back that easily. There are also before and after pictures where the difference has made in longer period.
  • When the coach is comparing every doing towards to hers or his experience, for example telling what kind of workouts or how he/she lost weight, you should be aware. Some things working for someone doesn’t mean it will work for everyone! We all are different kind of people, so what I eat or how I do my workouts doesn’t necessarily work for you.


Require answers!

When you are choosing online coaching, ask these things:

  1. How much experience that coach has?
  2. How long he/she has coached?
  3. Where has he/she coached before?
  4. Who has he/she been coaching?
  5. What kind of education this coach has?

Having answer “hundreds of people online” or getting no answer back, you might want to doubt what kind of knowledge or experience the coach really has.

Education is important thing in any industry. I bet you don’t want to give your health to these peoples hands when they have no experience or skills to lead you to better and healthier life with safe way. Be sure that he or she is certified personal trainer or has at least a proper education from health industry.

Great coach is improving own professional skills all the time. It doesn’t stop to one education, it goes on and on. Including reading literature and taking part in own industry seminars. That means he/she is interested about the industry and wants to make herself/himself better.

questions answers

This is not a joke!

We have only one body so you probably don’t want to mess with your health? If you don’t, find yourself a coach who is willing to help you personally. We all are different so it is stupid to think that everything works for everyone.

Make an investment for yourself and find professional coach who can lead you towards your goals safely.

I’m worried about messing with peoples health. Many of us want everything to happen immediately and that is why that kind of online coaching are making success with their business with no education.

And please don’t get me wrong, I don’t do this to make myself sound better one than others. I want YOU to know who to trust in this crazy online world!

If you have gained weight for these past 10 years, don’t assume you will lose all that in just few weeks. Be patient! Your body is only one what you will ever have so don’t ruin it with bad online programs.

Think how you can make yourself to feel better and not to collapse to these kinds of fast result diets.

Have you came across to a coach who doesn’t have an education? If you have your personal opinion about this topic or would like to leave a comment, that would be awesome!

Love your body,


Founder of Miracle Workouts

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12 thoughts on “Signs of Bad Coaching – Shame On You

  1. Let’s be honest! Someone who is saying how miracle it will be is just a liar. There are no effects if you are no giving an effort. No pain no gain 🙂 Remember about good nutrition – it is also important.

    1. Hey Igor!

      I don’t think they are liars, they just don’t know any better, because they don’t have an education. If you are trying to give too much effort in wrong ways, you will mess up with your health. Slow and steady, that is the key to success. Thanks for your opinion 🙂

  2. I don’t have any bad experience to share. But I am in the market to get a coach and get my butt in gear! Been struggling to get my pre-baby body back. Will keep your words of wisdom in mind. Thanks so much!

  3. Hey Mira, There are so many fake coaches these days. Anyone who works out thinks they qualify as a ‘coach’.

    When i first started working out i wasn’t really familiar with all the coaching stuff so hired a guy who turned out to be a self proclaimed ‘coach’ (i didn’t know at the time).

    Now I always look out for scammers and only use the services of confirmed professionals. Can’t fall for the same trick twice.

    1. Hey Ezra!

      Oh, I’m sorry you had to go trough that! I hope this coach didn’t mess up with your health?
      I’m glad you are now more aware about these things. That is why I wrote this to warn others for fake coaches.
      Thanks for stopping by on my site and have a great weekend 🙂

  4. Brilliant article as always Mira! Have I ever seen coaches without any coaching or health education? They are plastered all over the internet.
    They thrive by making false promises and bogus results for those hoping for that instant miracle.
    As you indicated, if it took your body to degrade over 10 or some years how do you expect to upgrade it in 10 days?

    Keep doing what you are doing. The internet is slowly weeding out the bad from the good and only the true coaches will prevail.

    BTW…Excellent looking site. Did you build it yourself or hire a professional web designer?

    1. Hey Paul!

      Thank you so much for your opinion! It is sad when customers are paying for someone who can mess up their health with wrong kind of advice.

      And thanks, I have made this website on my own! I’m kinda surprised how awesome this already looks! 😀 Have a great weekend!

  5. Hey Mira,

    This is sooooo true!!

    Especially with social media and how easy it is to be noticed online.

    There are so many “gurus” now that it’s so hard to tell the wheat from the chaff!

    AND OMG! Those before and after photos are just getting silly now!

    I mean hello filter/ special fat reducing app!

    I love those questions to ask about whether they are the real deal.

    Thanks so much for sharing,


    1. Hey Mike!

      I know!! That is why I wanted to post this. There are so many fake trainers, who are promising amazing change in short amount of time, no matter what happens to your health afterwards.
      Thank you for stopping by and have a great week! 🙂

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