Simple Exercises and Lose Belly Fat

Simple Exercises and Lose Belly Fat

You wake up every morning, looking yourself in the mirror. There might be some extra fat which you could happily get rid off. Don’t worry, most of the people aren’t entire happy with their own body. Remember, it’s never too late to start the change in your life.

Luckily, there are plenty of easy steps you can take to increase fat burning, easy and quick. Even minor change in your life can be a huge change in your body!

Is it possible to do simple exercises and lose belly fat at the same time? Yes it is and I will tell you how to do it as well!

Work on with major muscle groups!

What comes to weight loss it is important to use as many calories as you can. The maximal waste of calories is happening when you are working with your major muscle groups.

Calories are burning the best way when your thighs, bottom, chest, back or abs are working. For example cheery walk, skiing and ball sports are good for losing weight. Good tip for getting rid of some extra fat is to move on your feet. It is more powerful to jog than just cycling, because you are using so much bigger amount of brawn.

You can also do a home workout using your biggest muscle groups.

Here is a quick home workout for you:

  • Warm up 10 minutes, for example with stretches and jumping jacks
  • Plank home workoutHome workout:
    • Burpees 10x
    • Push-ups 10x
    • Jumping Squats 10x
    • Mountain Climbers 10x
    • Plank as long as you can hold
    • Have a rest (max 60 seconds). Repeat these for 4-5 rounds.

In case you are having some trouble with your knees, don’t do squats with jumps. Also, if anything hurts, don’t continue that movement.

About your heart rate

Just slogging around isn’t going to lose your weight… or it might if you are slogging for hours and hours. You probably won’t have time to that so I suggest you to spend your exercise time with more effective way and then your heart rate will increase high enough.

You can find moderate exercise intensity when you are sweating and your breathing quickens but you can still speak. That’s a good way to track you heart rate.

There is a right heart rate zone to each individual person which burns the most fat calories. Stay between or little above that heart rate zone to maximize your fat burning. You are not only burning then the food in your stomach but also getting rid of the body fat.

Here is an easy way to calculate your fat-burning zone:Heart rate monitor

  • Figure out your max heart rate (220 – your age = Max Heart Rate). Your fat-burning range will be 60% to 70% of your max heart rate.

In other hand, if you are not sure about the right heart rate you can always get a heart rate monitor. That kind of monitors can tell your heart rate, how many calories are you burning and how effective that specific workout was. It might take a role as your personal butt-kicker so you will exercise a bit more than usual.

Try some interval training

Your body has probably used to steady walking pace and that is why the fat isn’t burning. Try to do your exercises sometimes in a bit different way.

Interval training is an excellent way to burn calories in a shorter period and lose that annoying belly fat at the same time. It is a type of training that involves a high- and low-intensity periods of movement. The high-intensity periods are at least a close to anaerobic exercise. On the other hand low-intensity periods are made for recovery and lowing your heart rate down. Interval training will improve your VO2max which is also known as maximal oxygen intake.

You can start your interval training with a shorter high-intensity interval. After that one minute has gone by, you can lower your pace and get your heart rate down again.

Here is 30 minute interval workout for you:Ready for interval workout

  • Warm up 10 minutes, for example with stretches and by walking
  • Interval exercise:
    • 1 min high speed (running/jogging)
    • 2 min low speed (walking)
    • repeat these for 10 rounds = 30 min workout
  • After wards some flexing and stretching

You can make your own variations from this workout, by using shorter or longer interval periods. You can do interval training in different kind of sports as well. I guarantee, with this workout you are going to sweat like never before!

Don’t like working out?

At the beginning of the weight loss you don’t probably even need to workout. You might have started a new diet plan and cutting down the calories can make you feel a bit tired to exercise. You don’t want to be lazy either, so I will tell you a few tips to lose weight without jogging or going to gym.

At first what you need to know is that you have to be active. You need to increase your non-exercise activity thermogenesis (NEAT). What I mean by that, is that you can do your daily chores with a little boost up.

For example go walk with your dog for a little longer way than normally, take stears instead of an elevator, go to the store by walking and clean your house properly. These will help you burn the calories more effectively than you ever thought. Try to walk every day 10 000 steps to fill your physical activity, it will lead you fast to your goals.

You got thisYou can start with this kind of activity and later on you will have so much more energy for the “real” workouts.

Start melting that fat away

There is plenty of ways to burn calories and fat from your body. You don’t have to go to the gym or even pay for it. Take these healthy exercise plans to action and make your body look the way you want to see it! No excuses anymore!

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