Take Good Care of Yourself – 9 tips

Take Good Care of Yourself – 9 tips

Taking care of yourself is easy to do. OK, not easier said than done, trust me!

Everyone of us needs to take care of our own body, whether you are competitive athlete or doing sports occasionally. Lots of people are having so many responsibilities that they forget to take care of themselves. Many of us thinks that taking care of your body means stretching or getting a massage, but it means so much more.

If you take good care of yourself, you are not only recovering from physical exertion but also developing mobility, balance and flexibility. Also, control of your body is getting better and the risks of having injuries are decreasing. I’m going to tell you 9 tips about taking care of your body.


1. Stretching

Lets start with the basics. Everyone knows how important is to stretch but somehow lots of us are still skipping that from daily routine.

Quick stretches lasts about only 15 seconds. You should do these right after your workout. It will help your muscles to recovery.

You should do longer stretches 1,5-2 hours after practice. Then your muscles has already recovered from exercise and it is safe to stretch longer time.

2. Warm-up and cool down

There should be always three phases in your workouts: warming up, exercising and cooling down.

Before the actual workout you should warm-up which wakes up your body and muscles to upcoming exercise. Take 10 or 15 minutes time to warming up. It will prevent the injuries.

Cooling down flushes the lactic acids away from your muscles and prevent soreness. You should take same time to cool down as you took to warm-up, that means around 10-15 minutes. If you don’t have time to do that, you should slow down at the end of your workout, make the last moves slower and more moderate so your heart rate can stabilize.

3. Technique

Oh technique, technique, technique… that is SO IMPORTANT! Primary thing of working out in the gym (or in what ever sport), is to learn how to do movements and lifts with the right technique. Be brave and ask more experienced trainers or personal trainers to help you, if you are unsure about doing things right. I’m sure that everyone will gladly help you to get started well.

4. Rest

As harder you workout, the importance of resting grows. You should give your body time to recover. Remember that your muscles will grow and be developed at rest. So I can not emphasize the importance of the rest days. You need the rest even more if you are having stressful job or complicated life-situation. And do not workout if you are sick!

5. Pilates & Yoga

Pilates and yoga

This part isn’t just for you ladies! Pilates and yoga strengthens your deep muscles and core, which are important in any type of sports. Yoga doesn’t only treat your body but also balances your mind. It will help you to listen your own body and mind.

You don’t have to be flexible to start yoga, so you can leave prejudices to home. Great instructors will take into account if you are just starting your yoga lessons and will give you easier alternative movements. Breathing plays a key role in Pilates and yoga.

6. Foam Roller

Taking care of your body with foam roller helps with muscle tension and muscle recovery. The compression causes muscles to relax, increases blood circulation and local metabolism.

Rolling with foam roller is considered a great way to open soft and connective tissues. It also breaks down scar tissue.

With this easy equipment you can put the targeted pressure on your fascia, which will release trigger points in your body and help for the pain.

It is easy to use, just put the roll in the floor and rub the muscles on the roll with the weight of your body.

Foam roller will save you a lot of money, it is so cheap! Do you have enough money to go to the massage every week or every day? Me neither, that is why I love this!

7. Massage


This is a classical way to take care of your body. Massage will relax muscles and improve muscle metabolism. It aims to open up tense muscles and complexions.

It is important to let the muscles rest, so you shouldn’t go to exercise right after a great massage. You should take massages regularly and not until when you are totally in need of that. It is also an awesome way to relaxation and self-indulgence, stop and enjoy!

8. Nutrition & Hydration

Overall well-being requires a healthy lifestyle. Eat versatile and drink a lot of water. Take care of eating enough fiber, protein, carbohydrates and vitamins. When your nutrition is on point, you are getting your workouts on next level and also recover even better.

9. Versatility

You should keep on mind of versatile training. Go walking, dancing or swimming because too one-sided exercise can cause you a repetitive strain injury. You don’t always have to do your workouts as hard as you can, take some times easier workout. This way you can improve yourself in different levels.

Start now


Self-care will benefit you in many ways, it makes you a better care-giver and also affects in your physical and emotional health.

Taking break from the stress can be quite hard at first but it will allow you to come back to the reality of your life feeling relaxed and refreshed.

You can feel and see difference with your body when you start taking good care of your body. You might even get faster results with your weight loss!

Take some time to yourself,


Founder of Miracle Workouts

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8 thoughts on “Take Good Care of Yourself – 9 tips

  1. Well written Mira,
    most often we focus more on jobs and jobs and keeping our boss happy and satisfied with us that we neglect our body. Daily exercise or at least three days a week keeps our body happy and able to do better job for us. As you rightly stated, whatever form of exercise that makes one comfortable and satisfies needs is okay.
    Thanks for sharing. Would have love to see the picture of the form roller you mentioned.

    1. Hey Gina!
      You are so right about that! Nowadays our lives are so hectic and we forget to take care of ourselves! I might write a review about foam roller later on! 🙂 Thanks for your comment and have a great week!

  2. I would say Rest is the toughest one for me to take action with. I’m a true workout addict and I’m in the gym twice a day. In the winter, I’m often utilizing resistance training.

    I’m also not a sleeper, often sleeping 5-6 hours per night and waking up consistently, but this has been an issue since birth for me.

    However, I am a writer and will often spend 6-10 hours a day in front of my laptop screen writing blog articles, my fiction book series, and sports articles, which I guess does qualify as active rest.

    Either way, I’m only 27 but I won’t be young forever, and knowing this, more rest will become a necessity in time.

    1. Hey Todd!

      I highly recommend that you start taking time to yourself 🙂 after a workout, do some quick stretches! Yes, that can be active rest while you are working with your computer but are you taking care of your movability too?

      I haven’t been much of a sleeper either, but I have worked that side of me! Now I sleep over 8 hours every night. The trick to that is simply to shut down EVERY devices latest at 10pm, including the laptop, phone and TV. Hope this helps for you too 🙂

  3. I have to admit I often skip the stretching and warm up part 🙂 I know it is so important to prevent injuries and for the postworkout recovery, but I just tend to forget it when I am in a hurry. Lately I have read that if there’s too cold outside, it is better to do post workout stretching once you get home from the gym rather than stretching out right after workout at the gym. What do you think about that?

    1. Hey Eva!
      Many people are skipping the stretching part from their exercise. Try to remember to do those after every time you workout. Actually no, I don’t agree with that one, because it isn’t good for you to do stretching when your muscles are cold. So right after workout short stretches and later on at home the longer ones 🙂 Take good care of your body!

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